Interviews on the history of late analytic philosophy


  • Guido Bonino Università di Torino
  • Paolo Tripodi Università di Torino



late analytic philosophy, interviews, history of contemporary philosophy,


As editors of this special issue, we thought it useful to ask the same three questions on the history of late analytic philosophy to some philosophers.

(1) What are the main philosophical and metaphilosophical similarities and differences between early analytic philosophy and late analytic philosophy?
(2) Is it possible to identify a mainstream in late analytic philosophy? If so, what are its main (cultural, ideological, philosophical, methodological, metaphilosophical) features?
(3) What are, in your view, the main critical and controversial aspects of late analytic philosophy?

We warmly thank all the interviewees for their collaboration and their interesting answers:

Thomas R. Baldwin (University of York)
Michael Beaney (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and King’s College, London)
Cora Diamond (University of Virginia)
Hans-Johann Glock (Universität Zürich)
Matthew Haug (The College of William & Mary, Williamsburg)
Cheryl Misak (University of Toronto)
Philip Pettit (Princeton University)
Nicholas Rescher (University of Pittsburgh)
John Skorupski (University of St. Andrews)
Brian Weatherson (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Timothy Williamson (University of Oxford)
Jonathan Wolff (University of Oxford)




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