Notes on Kant


  • Maine de Biran



Maine de Biran, Kant, Antinomie, Critique,


This translation is based on 1993 critical edition of Maine de Biran’s OEuvres published under the direction of François Azouvi. Both Note on Kant’s Antinomies and Notes on Kant’s Philosophy are included in Tome XI/2, Commentaires et marginalia : dix-huitième siècle, edited by Bernard Baertschi, Paris, Vrin, 1993, pp. 127-145 (endnotes pp. 312-318).
Note on Kant’s Antinomies is a transcription from a manuscript. Copier’s notes have been preserved and are referred to with † or ‡. Notes on Kant’s Philosophy is based on Tisserand’s 1939 edition of Maine de Biran’s works, with minor corrections by Baertschi. Biran’s original notes are referred to with * or ** and slightly smaller. Baertschi’s variation on Tisserand’s transcription are referred to with † or ‡, Baertschi’s version is in [ ] and Tisserand’s is in italic followed by an English translation in ( ), e.g. you may read in the text “[the]†” and in the footnote “[la]. Tisserand: sa (its)”. Variations would be inexplicable otherwise.
In both texts, with regard to the editor’s notes, we have chosen to maintain the original numbering but converted them from endnotes into footnotes.
Finally, since English translations of the works cited by Baertschi are not available or do not exist at all, we have maintained the Author-Title citation style.






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